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Architect Helping Architect

"Strong architecture can only be possible with strong architects. We must help each other to get strong and constantly aim for the good of all." Wilfred J. Gregson, SARA founder, 1956

SARA is an organization of architectural professionals—It’s a little bit different from your typical professional association.  SARA was founded in 1956 by maverick architect Wilfred Gregson FARA, and it has survived and thrived for over six decades since.  There are active chapters and councils throughout the country, supporting the national organization.  All groups of professionals ‘punching above their weight’, with much of the membership active instead of just paying dues. 


We’re a smaller and more intimate organization- more nimble and easily shaped by the membership.

This provides a great opportunity to interact and get involved with colleagues from around the country.  Members can easily interact on a local and national level.  We’re an organization that is focused on fellowship rather then cliques, friendship rather then rivalries, professionalism rather then publicity.

SARA 2018 National Conference - Miami

Photos by Tim Hao, ARA




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