Gregson Leadership

Designated the Society's second highest award, the Gregson Leadership Award is presented to members for particularly outstanding service and dedication to the Society and the profession. The symbol of this award, a tie made in the tartan plaid of Founder Wilfred J. Gregson's Scottish ancestors, is given to the recipients. No specific number of these awards is made, and it varies from year to year as judged, to service rendered. The award, originally known as The Gregson Award, was established in 1960, and was first presented at the SARA Convention in Dallas, Texas.

In the Winter 1987 Issue of SARA's Magazine "Practicing Architect" Wilfred Gregson, FARA wrote in his "Founders Corner Column". "Your SARA Founder is also Deputy Chieftan of the Clan McGregor Society in the U.S. At every SARA Convention I give one or more McGregor ties together with the Gregson Award to those who have worked hardest for SARA. It was started to bring some laughter to the assembly after several days of serious discussion. Now, with over 50 McGregor ties shining out their flaming colors it has become a badge of honor and distinction. The ties are presented in a handsome box, which I ask to be returned, saying there is no money in the budget for new boxes. For my part, I always wear the tartan tie of the clan. When awarding the tie, I say that it must be worn at all SARA functions. If I am ever in a fight, all fellow clansmen must come and join the fight. When we have won, which we always do, it is improper to ask what we are fighting for as we are always on the right side.

Following Wilfred's passing, July 8, 1998 (3 days after his 98th Birthday) the award was renamed the Gregson Leadership Award.

2018 - No Award Presented

2017 - No Award Presented

2016 - Simone Demirjian, FARA

2015 - No Award Presented

2014 - Abby Schwartz, ARA

2013 - Dennis Dong, FARA
Carl J. Gramentz, FARA

2012 - Octavio A. Santurio, FARA

2011 - No Award Presented

2010 - No Award Presented

2009 - Ronald A. Knabb, Jr., FARA

2008 - Suzette I. Stoler, FARA

2007 - John M. Maple, FARA

2006 - Francisco J. Urrutia, FARA

2005 - John J. DiBenedetto, FARA

2004 - Wayne C. Bryan, FARA
Jerome Salzman, FARA

2003 - Gerald R. Gross, FARA

2002 - Chris Addington, FARA

2001 - Robert J. Firneis, FARA

2000 - Michael J. Macaluso, FARA
Michael M. Nikaido, ARA

1999 - Richard C. Holden, FARA

1998 - No Award Presented

1997 - Norman E. Minster, FARA

1996 - Michael J. Shaver, ARA

1995 - Roger A. Weaver, FARA

1994 - Jake A. Jones Jr., FARA

1993 - Bertrand C. Johnson, FARA

1992 - Michael Richard Jones, FARA

1991 - Barry E. Milowitz, FARA

1990 - Raymond J. Blesener, ARA
N. Michael Griffith, ARA

1989 - Wallace V. Moll, FARA

1988 - Jerrold L. Brim, FARA
Adriana Garcia, ARA
Jaime C. Salles, FARA

1987 - Donald D. Hance, ARA
Jack Beers, FARA

1986 - O.V. Bertolini, ARA
Raymond E. Studer, FARA

1985 - Harry E. Blethroad, ARA
Ralph M. Meyer, FARA
Lawrence A. Robbins, FARA

1984 - W. Gayle Daniel, FARA
John. R. Mock, FARA

1983 - Melvin S. Markson, FARA

1982 - Richard N. Bonsignore, FARA

1981 - David Kaplan, FARA
Donald N. Uding, ARA

1980 - Dwight E. Chenault, FARA
Fred H. Prather, FARA

1979 - Alex A. Gravesen, FARA
John Pankovich, ARA

1978 - Wayne C. Bryan, FARA
Arnold Schaffner, FARA

1977 - G. Robert Johnson, FARA
Jerome Salzman, ARA

1976 - Harry E. Botesch, FARA
Ronald J. Angelo, ARA

1975 - Fred H. Prather, FARA
Robert F. Brown, FARA

1974 - LeRoy C. Everett, FARA
Norman E. Hodge, ARA

1973 - Dwight E. Chenault, FARA
D. Steward McKerchar, ARA

1972 - Herbert L. Berger, FARA
Sidney Epstein, FARA
Bernard E. Healy, FARA
John R. Hellman, FARA
Thurston W. Munson, FARA
Richard E. Shields, Sr., FARA
Chester A. Stark, FARA
Marion J. Varner, FARA

1971 - Jean P. Boulanger, FARA
Charles J. Faroni, FARA
Bertrand C. Johnson, ARA
Chester A. Stark, FARA

1970 - Edward M. Healy, ARA
Edgar H. Wood, FARA

1969 - Robert E. Isaacs, FARA

1968 - Herbert L. Berger, FARA
Samuel E. Hart, FARA
Frank R. Masiello, Jr., FARA

1967 - Charles A. Beddow, FARA
Sanford Z. Friedman, ARA
B. F. Owens, FARA

1966 - Francis L. Koenig, FARA
Marion J. Varner, FARA

1965 - Bernard E. Healy, FARA
John R. Hellman, FARA

1964 - William Frampton, Jr., ARA
Roy D. Murphy, FARA
Anne Rysdale, ARA

1963 - Tennys Bellamy, FARA
Robert F. Brown, ARA
William Frampton, Sr., FARA
Thurston Munson, FARA

1962 - Magnus O. Foss, Sr., FARA
Jack L. Liebenberg, FARA
Chester A. Stark, FARA

1961 - Donald L. Marshall, ARA
Walter H. Simon, FARA

1960 - Roger Frangkiser, ARA
Matt E. Howard, Jr., ARA
Carroll T. Hutchens, ARA
Luther E. McCoy, FARA
John Mullins, FARA
Hal Stonebraker, FARA