Our Committees

Executive Committee
Octavio Santurio, President
Dennis Dong, President - Elect
Abby Schwartz, Vice President
Simone Demirjian, Treasurer
Walt Geiger, Recorder
Gaetano Ragusa, Immediate Past President

Archive Committee
Carl Gramentz, Chairperson
Mark Bailey
Tamar Kisilevitz

Budget Committee
Simone Demirjian, Chairperson
Gaetano Ragusa
Robert Firneis
Suzette Stoler

By-Laws Review Committee
Carl Gramentz, Chairperson
Richard N. Bonsignore
Robert Firneis

Continuing Education Committee
Pierre Guariglia, Chairperson
Robert Firneis

2019 Conference Committee
Dennis Dong
Abby Schwartz
Walt Geiger

Fellowship Committee
Barry Milowitz

International Committee
O.V. Bertolini
Manuel Oncina

Long Range/Past Presidents Planning Committee

Past Presidents:

Gaetano Ragusa
Ronald Knabb
Suzette Stoler
Robert Firneis
N. Michael F. Griffith
Gerald R. Gross
Richard C. Holden
O. Vincent Bertolini
Michael J. Macaluso
John M. Maple
Barry E. Milowitz
Raymond J. Blesener
Lawrence A. Robbins
Wayne C. Bryan
Richard N. Bonsignore
Jerome Salzman

Membership Committee
Anthony (Toney) Baker, Chairperson

Nominating Committee
Barry Milowitz, Chairperson

Celebration of Architecture and Design 
Dennis Dong, Chairperson
Walter Geiger
Abby Schwartz

Professional Outreach
Michael Griffith, Chairperson

Karmen Harris, Chairperson
Mitchel Abramowitz

Public Relations/Media
Abby Schwartz, Chairperson 

Tim Hilkhuijsen, Chairperson

Technology Committee
Douglas Joyce, III, Chairperson
Dennis Dong

Web Contact
Douglas Joyce, III